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Latest advances in fiberglass techniques provide a magic carpet for your nautical family! This new Pearson Express Cruiser blends sleek styling with 28-feet of comfortable accommodations for four. It packs more big cruiser features into its compact size (27' 10" x 10' 5" x 2' 6") than experts thought possible. It's fast . . . with single screw or twin screw options. It's efficient, proved hull design cuts fuel sonsumption. It offers many unique features . . . exclusive no-leak window recesses; water-tight, ventilating forward hatch; concealed compainionway hatch. Prices made realistic by production breakthroughs . . prices start at $10,600.

This quality fiberglass cruiser, like other Pearson boats, gives maximum value for your yachting dollar. For details, contract your Pearson dealer, or write: Pearson Corporation, A Grumman Aircraft Subsidiary.

— Pearson Yachts Inc.


Apparently, in 1966, Pearson Yachts was advertising the Pearson 28 as a Grumman Cruiser "Rendova". We have not found any specific details on the production of this boat but we like the logo!

Grumman Cruiser

Pearson 28 Express Cruiser

Pearson 28 Express Cruiser

Pearson 28 Express Cruiser

Pearson 28 Rendova

Pearson 28 Express Cruiser

Have fun in Rendova!

Rendova is a fun boat ... built around the family! It's a cottage afloat... a place on the water... any water within cruising range of home port. It's adventure in a neat little package... and health... and relaxation... and anything you want it to be!

Promotes family loafing!

Fast and perky!

Priced to please!

—Grumman Cruisers, Motor Boating Magazine October 1966

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