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The Pearson Ensign : 1962 – Present

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Originally called The Electra Day Sailer, the Ensign was designed by Carl Alberg.

The Ensign

The Ensign is based on the hull of the Pearson Electra, modified by designer Carl Alberg in response to customer demand for a day-sailer with a larger cockpit and smaller cabin. Pearson Yachts was the only builder of the boat from 1962-1983 with 1775 boats constructed before ceasing production. Production was resumed in 2001 by Ensign Spars, Inc. of Dunedin Florida, where reportedly another 33 boats, (hull #2000 and above), have been produced as of 2019.

Consider this: The Ensign is the only sailboat from Pearson Yachts that is still in production today — and Pearson has been closed for close to 3 decades. Now isn't that a true test of time!

The Ensign is by far the largest one-design fleet of full-keel sailboats in the country. It was inducted into the American Sailboat Hall of Fame in 2002.

"Consider what has made the Ensign so popular… a large eight foot cockpit with full length teak seats so perfect for the safety and convenience of a large family; a twin-berth cuddy cabin with optional head for those overnights or weekends; national recognition as a one-design racing class; longevity of manufacturer; strict class rules for uniformity; Pearson Quality"!Pearson Yachts Inc.

Pearson Ensign Logo

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Pearson Ensign


More than 1700 ENSIGNS are sailing nationwide in a strong, active one-design association numbering 47 fleets in 20 states (1980). Rigid class rules insure continuity of design and manufacture thereby enhancing resale value. Her remarkable ability to race well while providing all the comfort and stability required of a good day-sailer or weekender has endeared here to hundreds of experts and novices everywhere.

Since the class was introduced in 1962, the ENSIGN has proven herself to be the ideal all-around family boat. Her ability, seaworthiness, and forgiving attitude have encouraged numerous people of all ages to "take to the water" for those precious leisure hours while providing those with a competitive spirit with a bonafide compromise between the thrill of racing and the lure of cruising.

Ask many of the experts now racing larger boats and they tell you it all started with the ENSIGN. Ask present ENSIGN owners, they tell you how difficult it is to find another boat that dollar for dollar represents the real value they presently enjoy.

If the ENSIGN will be your first boat, you can start with confidence — confidence in your boat and your investment. If it's your next boat you can rest assured that she will bring out the best of your experience.

Pearson Ensign – By The Numbers


LOA (Overall Length) 22.5'
LWL (Waterline Length) 16.8'
Beam 7.0'
Draft 3.0'
Displacement 3,000 lbs
Ballast 1,200 lbs
Sail Area 245 sq ft
Mast Height (above D.W.L.) 25.0'
Cockpit Length 8' 0"
Auxillary Power Outboard
Foretriangle Area 94 sq ft
Mainsail Area 151 sq ft
I – Foretriangle Height 25'
J – Foretriangle Base 7.5'
P – Mainsail Hoist 25.4'
E – Mainsail Foot 11.9'
*approximations from Pearson Yachts

Technical Data

Designer Carl Alberg
Years Built 1962 – Present (last Pearson 1985)
Hull Speed 5.49 kn
SA/D – Sail Area to Displacement 18.8
DLR or D/L – Displacement to Length Ratio 282
BR – Ballast Ratio 40%
L/B – Length to Ballast 3.21
LWL/B – Waterline Length to Ballast 2.4
OR – Overhang Ratio 25%
CSF – Capsize Screening Formula 1.94
MCR – Motion Comfort Ratio 18.6
M/F – Main to Foretriangle Ratio 1.61
PHRF – Performance Handicap Rating 276 (average)

Standard Equipment

CONSTRUCTION: Hull and deck are integrally molded fiberglass laminate construction (hand lay-up) with bonded bulkheads. Deck is balsa-core fiberglass for strength, rigidity, and insulation. Teak coamings with winch mount areas. Teak seats and cockpit sole.

HARDWARE AND DECK FITTINGS: Chromeplated brass or bronze, stainless steel and special marine alloys. Stainless steel stemhead fittings, backstay and shroud chainplates. Bow cleats with chocks (P &S), stern cleats (P &S). Two fixed ports.

Anodized aluminum 6061-T6 alloy with aluminum spreaders. Rigging fittings of stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Cleats for main, jib and downhaul. Gooseneck track, sail track and gate.

BOOM: Anodized aluminum 6061-T6 alloy with standard gooseneck, slide, topping lift fitting and mainsheet blocks.

STANDING RIGGING: Seven/eighths foretriangle rig (fractional). Stainless steel 1 x 19 construction with swaged tru-loc end fittings. Turnbuckles on all shrouds and stays. Toggles on headstay and shrouds.

RUNNING RIGGING: Main and jib halyards of 7 x 19 stainless steel wire with Dacron tails (spliced). Dacron jib and main sheets. Jib sheet lead blocks and cleats. Main sheet blocks and cleats.

INTERIOR: Provision for two full-length bunks in cuddy cabin.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: All standing rigging and spars are grounded for lightning protection. Non-skid deck and cabin top.

Ensign Line Drawing

Ensign Crossing

Ensign Crossing

Ensign Class Association

Ensign Royalty Patch

The Ensign Class Association was founded in 1962. It is one of the strongest national organizations in the country, with numerous local fleets from coast to coast.

The objectives of the assocation:

  • To promote and develop Ensign Class racing under uniform rules.
  • To rigidly maintain the one-design features of the Ensign.
  • To promote use of the Ensign as a family boat for recreational sailing.
  • To educate the public, and particularly the youth, in sailing and sailboat racing.

Features described by the association:

  • It's a great looking boat, with classic lines, and a wonderfully large, deep cockpit where passengers feel comfortable, safe, and secure.
  • It has a sail plan that achieves hull speed in breezes as low as eight to ten knots, and a full keel that delivers performance when the boat is sailed flat, and forgiveness when allowed to heel.
  • It is a strong, durable boat, affordable to buy and easy to sell.
  • There are not many designs that get everything so right
  • For these reasons, the Ensign, on January 25th, 2002, was the first boat inducted into the American Sailboat Hall of Fame.

Pearson Ensign

Pearson Ensign

Pearson Ensign

Pearson Ensign

Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

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Pearson Ensign

Pearson Ensign

Pearson Ensign

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