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Small, big, or in-the-middle. The new line of Pearson Yachts has a lot of different boats to make a lot of different people happy.

Take the competitive racer who wants a fast racing craft and wants to day sail, too. The skipper who wants to compete and win in fleet and handicap racing. The family who wants to cruise with safety and comfort on an overnight or weekend. The sailor who chooses to cruise for extended periods on the open water. Different people with different needs. Calling for a different kind of boat.

Pearson makes the difference. At the same time, Pearson pleases the critical who demand quality. Every Pearson boat, whatever its size, adheres to the same high standard. No detail is overlooked. And there are lots of them.

Pearson builds a lot into every boat. More performance, more comfort, more safety, more quality extras. More boat for the money.

Name your pleasure. Then clip out the coupon for more information. Better still, see your Pearson Dealer... he's got the boat for you.

Ensign 22 Pearson 22 Lark 24 Pearson 24
Renegade 27 Coaster 29 Wanderer 30 Pearson 35
Invicta 37 Pearson 43 Countess 44  

Pearson Designs 1966

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