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The Pearson 303 : 1983–1986

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A boat that we feel fits the real sailing needs of a large number of yachtsmen.

Fits The Mold


Successful boat companies build to the needs of their customers and, frankly, that’s what the new 303 is all about- a boat that I feel fits the real sailing needs of a large number of yachtsmen. The design parameters were laid down as follows: 1) A really big boat in the 30 foot range that sails at low angles of heel, has a shallow draft, and excellent sailing qualities across a wide range of wind conditions. 2) An easily driven boat that can be handled easily by a couple or a young family- an efficient boat for experienced or inexperienced sailors alike.
Abovedeck, her cockpit is big, deep, and safe. Below her wide beam and generous freeboard give exceptional interior space- comparable with many competitive designs several feet longer.
I’m gratified that over 100 sailors have chosen the 33 in just eight months of production.
Quite frankly, she’s a lot of boat. And I know she’s a lot of boat for the money.
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Bill Shaw

Pearson 303

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Pearson 303

Pearson 303

Pearson 303

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