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Pearson Yachts FlagAs a robust "Boat Owners Website", PearsonYachts.org is designed to provide support for all Pearson owners and sailing enthusiasts. The purpose and strategy is to preserve information in perpetuity, including original documenation from the builder and contributions from current and past boat owners. In addition there are references to many different resources available on the net, including websites and social media links.

Online Community - One Size Does Not Fit All

Facebook and Google are quite effective, but unfortunately not content driven - the value-add content is difficult to find a month or a year from now.

Captains Forum - On this site you will find a content-driven Bulletin Board or "Forum" where discussion topics are organized in logical boating categories that are optimized for easy location and retrievel over time. We encourage all to register for the Captains Forum, which also includes boat registry in the profile.

There are many online communities of sailors on the web, and each of us has our own preferred methods of communication. Here are the more popular ones for Pearson owners that you will find linked at the header of each page:

  • Facebook Pearson Yachts - A Social Media feed where one can follow commentary and post photos.
  • Google Group Pearson Boats - A Gmail List Server where one can follow a "chat group" of users with questions and answers and attachments.
  • Captains Forum - An Online Community of users where one can find specific topics pertinent to Pearson boat owners.

Site Features

Pearson History

A brief history of the Pearson Yachts Corporation with photos, including links to several good Pearson articles on the web.

Tech Info

Under this menu item are technical articles with content such as boat design, hull number identification, etc.

Pearson Sailboats

A table of all of the Pearson models with specs and references to more detailed web pages. The future goal is to load all specifications into a relational database.

Pearson Info

These tables provide external links to the "pearsoninfo" archive site. Since the site is no longer supported we are in the process of re-publishing the original Pearson documentation.

Members Userid

Once forum registration is complete you will gain access to the database to post discussion topics and upload photos and documents. The registration process is administered by a widely used open source software package.

Captains Forum

This is the Simple Machines Forum application that provides secure access to the Captains Community Bulletin Boards. It contains specific categories for members to post questions, information, attachments, and other relavent topics for boaters.

Boat Registry

The boat registry database utilizes the security and privacy settings of the member's profile to store specific boat information at registration time. Information such as: Pearson model, hull number, home port, and more.

Photo Gallery

This is the Coppermine Photo Gallery application that serves as the database of photo albums based on vessel names or numbers. It allows members to create and add to their own albums.

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